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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Shotokan Legacy - The set of 4 DVDs.

I was very pleased to be interviewed and asked to contribute to this excellent series of 4 Shotokan Karate DVDs. The set of 4 is priced at just £20.00 and includes some fabulous archive footage of the early Shotokan Masters. Details of each DVD are below, but these brief descriptions do not compare with watching these important and entertaining films which are available from  info@karate-london.co.uk

Volume 1. Live film of the early pioneers of Karate; Funakoshi, Okazaki, Nishiyama, Kanazawa, Nakayama, Enoeda, Kase and loads of others.

Volume 2. The introduction of Karate to the UK showing early film of Andy Sherry, Charles Mack, Charlie Naylor plus early film that was broadcast on BBC television featuring Kanazawa, Enoeda, Tomita, and Kawazoe.

Volume 3. Kumite action between Japan and Great Britain. Early film taken at Alexandra Palace featuring Ticky Donovan, Bob Poynton. Also great film of Nakayama, Osaka, Asai, Ochi, Tabata with the JKA at its peak of popularity.

Volume 4. Sensei Enoeda refereeing, plus fantastic film of Kagawa and Frank Brennan competing. Interviews with Peter Consterdine, Ged Moran, Rod Butler, Tommy Casale, John Mullin and Charles Gidley. World Championships team kata and team kumite.

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